KBR Associates, Consulting Engineers provides services to Architects, Owners, Mechanical and Industrial Engineers, and Contractors.  The firm is built on providing cost effective solutions to challenging building structures and foundations in the commercial, institutional, industrial and residential sectors.  We are located in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania (just outside of Harrisburg, PA), and offer engineering services in MD, DE, NJ and WV, as well as throughout PA.

Our projects range in size from damage evaluation and repair design, to equipment support, as well as new multi-story building structures.  We do a significant amount of work on renovations to existing structures, many of which are quite old and thus require education regarding past construction practices and materials.  Our focus primarily deals with building structures and structural components, or structural evaluation of building components such as exterior non-bearing walls.  Our work is very fast paced, and there is often a long interval between repeat structural systems and design.  It is very important to have a good understanding of the principles of the various materials used in structural design.  We are experienced in all types of structural systems including, steel, masonry, concrete, wood, and light gauge framing.

The company was founded in 2000 by Kenneth B. Robinson, PE.  We are committed to both professional development, as well as community involvement.  Our firm is current with the newest design practices and technologies, as they prove to be a valuable asset to the industry and our company.  For example, we are transitioning into using REVIT to generate our construction documents.  Our engineers do both the design work and the drawing production work, thus enabling them to be more in tune with the project and have a greater knowledge of the details.  This also requires a more in-depth understanding of the construction process and how the components are attached and interact together.

KBR Associates, Consulting Engineers enjoy the challenge of working on a wide variety of structural projects. We look forward to assisting you using our knowledge and experience.